Amethon’s fourth album is a sonic journey into the deep, dark recesses of the ocean. The abyssal zone is the deepest part of the ocean, more than a mile beneath the ocean surface, and rich with exotic and often bizarre life. In the album, Amethon takes listeners to the abyss and back, weaving together complex musical patterns, mesmerizing soundscapes and poetic emotions that explore the depths of the ocean and the depths of our human existence.

The album opens with the slowly building and reverberating introduction to the album, “descendo”, which sets the stage for the rest of the album. The songs segue into one another in unexpected ways, building and unfolding in ways that further explore the strange and exotic life in the abyss. The music moves from the transitional (“descendo”), to ethereal and exotic (“abysso”), to to soaring and epic (“ascendo”). Each track explores the different aspects of life in the abyss, from the quiet beauty of deep sea creatures, to the haunting loneliness of being abandoned, to the long journeys of exploration, and finally, the thrilling return to the light.