Amethon’s third album is a mind-expanding journey into the dark side of the self. Pulsing with cosmic ambience, spectral abyss is the sound of the void, a sonic abyss that draws you in and doesn’t let go. Flowing in and out of consciousness, the album envelops you in its darkness, inviting you to explore its depths. Described by amethon as “a personal journey into the unknown,” the songs on spectral abyss take the listener on a journey into the depths of the self, exploring the darkness and light within.

Spectral abyss is amethon’s most fully realized creation to date, with dynamic shifts and movements that build and release tension with hypnotic precision. Themes of space and time play out across the album, from the journey into the abyss of the opening track, “/ˈspɛktɹəɫ/”, to the slowly blossoming cosmicism of ““/ˈne͜o.wol.nes/”, to the infinite expanse of "/ˈde͜oːp.nes/" to the final-sounding meditation on time and space, “/əˈbɪs/”. Through it all, amethon weaves a tapestry of sound that is at once otherworldly and deeply personal, an auditory journey into the depths of the self.

The opening track, “/ˈspɛktɹəɫ/”, introduces the album with an atmospheric introduction that grows into an epic journey of sound. The title track follows, a soundscape that explores the darkness within the self, with echoes that evoke a sense of foreboding.

The second track, “/ˈne͜o.wol.nes/”, explores the light and dark within the self, with sounds that convey a sense of conflict and dichotomy. The piece progresses through different textures, from a flowing, meditative opening to a more chaotic and sublime ending.

Following on, “/ˈde͜oːp.nes/”, sets the tone for the album, weaving a hypnotic tapestry of sound that draws the listener into its depths. “/ˈde͜oːp.nes/” is a journey into the self, with amethon exploring the inner-workings of the mind, delving into the unknown and confronting the shadow side of the self. The track weaves dreamlike sonic tapestries of sound, enveloping the listener in its darkness, before drawing them out into the light.

Next is, "/ˈɡrundˌlæ͜ɑːs ˈpytt/", a journey into the abyss of time, with sounds that evoke a sense of movement and progression. The track explores the theme of space and time, with amethon exploring the vastness of the cosmos and the passage of time, with the sounds of distant stars and the ticking of the clock. The track builds and builds, reaching a crescendo before slowly fading away.

“/əˈbɪs/”, closes out the journey into the self, with amethon exploring time and space, the infinite and the eternal. The album closes with a cosmic breakdown that weaves in and out of consciousness, further exploring the track’s theme of space and time. The journey into the abyss of the self comes to an end as the cosmic ambience of the closing track echoes the opening track and draws the listener out of the void, back into the world of the conscious.