'Ambient Solitude' is an album by Amethon, using deep learning to aid in the composition of music. It's an attempt to create Zero-Beat music, an genre that is completely empty, without any percussion or traditional structure. Amethon's music is a journey into solitude, taking you on a Zero-Beat journey through space and time. It's best experienced in a hot bath, with the lights turned off.

'Ambient Solitude' is a journey into the unknown, using deep learning to create music that sounds like it's coming from somewhere distant in space and time, with no clear source. This music is a soundtrack to the infinite unknown, and it will take you on a journey into the depths of your imagination.

The first track on Amethon's album is titled 'Solitude 45', and it uses deep learning to mimic the experience of being alone in the dark. It's a short piece, lasting over almost six minutes, and it sets the stage for the rest of the album.

The second track is titled 'Sombre Reclusion', it's a more intimate experience, with just the sounds of a deep silence and a distant space.

The pace slows with 'Solitude 20' as the intensity of your activity lowers, and the pace of your life slows along with it.

'Secluded Isolation' explores the vastness of space, the expanse of time, and the inner depths of the human mind.

'Solitude 10' slows the album down even more, taking you on a journey into the depths of solitude.

The sounds of life flow in and out of 'Serene Awakening', which then closes the album.

Now close your eyes, deep breath in, and relax. You don’t need to do anything. No one is watching. The world is quiet, and you’re alone.




amethon · Ambient Solitude


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